1. Photos from the 2013 Junction Arts Festival season along and across the Tamar River at the King’s Bridge, Launceston

  2. "The Stream / The Boat / The Shore / The Bridge is a live public artwork along and across the Yarra River.
    See a familiar place from four new perspectives and add your thoughts and your hands to the action.
    Sometimes divided, sometimes connected, you’ll have questions to answer and decisions to make”

    Just four participants at a time experienced a series of interconnected site-specific performances at sites surrounding the Southbank Pedestrian Bridge in Melbourne, Australia. The creative development and premiere season was supported by the 2012 Next Wave Festival.

    We’d like to thank the team who did a fabulous job on this video:

    Director/Producer/DOP: Max Milne www.maxmilne.com
    Editor: Thomas Kinsman www.thomaskinsman.com
    Sound Designer: Adam Hunt

  3. Photos from the 2012 Next Wave season along and across the Yarra River at Southbank, Melbourne.

    Photos by Max Milne Photography.

  4. Kittycoldwater has set sail thanks to the patrons Ned and Majda down at Twenty & Six. 

    All photos by Max Milne Photography

  5. Dear my lovely niece,

    How is it that you inspire me one moment by hugging me and saying you love me. Then the next moment I’d filled with dread as “no, leave me alone. I’m not talking to you.” flows from your lips. Well ah lass those are the truths of arriving home in Wangaratta for a stop over on route to Melbourne. 

    Family. Either of blood or spirit bring joy and wall breaking dread moment to moment. 

    Much love,

    Your uncle.

    photos: Max Milne 

  6. Dear Brother from another Mother, 

    I miss you. But really we are having enough fun here without you. The Boat is happy and boy now we are dancing. Life on the long road is fun.

    Over and out.


    Quote of the day:

    On Veggie Dogs. “Doesn’t it come from Soya off cuts?” 

  7. Dear Coburg,

    The first Melbourne water birthing has begun. As the stream of Merri creek flowed from mountains to the wide opening of the Yarra we were blessed by the waters that to us to safety. Honestly the safety was always insured.


  8. Flowing up and down the Yarra river with our personal guide Hamish and his lovely dog. There are many stories of this lost brown water way. Why are there no ferries for transport along it? 5 knot limit…that and more finds to come…in our show! The last photo is the flag of The City of Melbourne. Surprisingly it looks like a cross between the Crusaders Flag and aristocrats from years long gone